Mini Portable Air Conditioner

  • £42.99
  • Save £57

Keep a fresh and pleasant air in your home even in hot weather with our mini air conditioner. 


With its revolutionary cooling technology, the Air Conditioner draws in warm air and passes it through a wet filter, which then exits on the other side as cool, refreshing air.


Besides humidifying the air unlike conventional air conditioners, our invention is light and easily transportable. You can take it everywhere and refresh any room throughout the day.

Ecological and economical

Our air conditioner does not consume electricity, does not pollute and is environmentally friendly. It uses water evaporation cooling technology. You can easily use it everywhere in your daily life.

Easy to use

Just add water to the tank and turn on our air conditioner. With 3 different adjustable speeds of the air conditioner, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air. You can also add ice in the tank to speed up the cooling speed.

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