Portable Mini Air Conditioner

  • £42.99
  • Save £46

Air Cooler Fan!

The portable mini air conditioner is a real asset to fight the heat of summer. Equipped with a high-capacity tank, it refreshes you efficiently and purifies the air in your living environment.

A healthier environment to feel better at home 


In addition to provide cooling air, this portable air conditioner has a built-in light. It can be placed in a dark room, such as a bedroom. Compact and practical, this device will change your daily life during the summer.


To adapt perfectly to your needs, the operating speed of the portable air conditioner can be adjusted. Easily set the activity to 3m/s, 4m/s or 5m/s. Whatever your need, this cooling unit adapts to you.


Lightweight and easy to carry, works with a USB connection. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy fresh air wherever you go. Just add a little water to the tank, plug it in with the USB cable and enjoy the coolness.


This air conditioner has 3 modes of ventilation power to adjust the temperature at your convenience. Its low energy consumption makes it a privileged ally in energy saving and its very quiet operation will allow you to keep it on even at night!

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