Double Shoulder Pet Carrier Backpack

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  • Save £20

The Double Shoulder Pet Carrier Backpack is going to help you on those longer journeys on foot! Our pups can get tired after a period of time, so we have designed the Double Shoulder Pet Carrier Backpack to give them a helping hand!


These are fully breathable and can be adjusted to give your pup as much room as they need! We have built-in a clip for their collars to ensure they do not jump out and added a simple drawstring for that extra security! 



  • Fully breathable - ensuring they do not get too hot whilst in the backpack! 
  • Drawstring - making the backpack adjustable for your preference! 
  • Built-in collar clip - so they do not try and escape during your travels! 
  • Backpack safety - we have added fastenings for your waist and across the centre of your body so that there is no chance of it slipping off! 
  • Zip design - a simple zip will help you get your pup in and out with ease! 
  • Reversible - These can be worn on the front and on the back of you! 

It’s equipped with cooling side panels, adjustable pockets on both sides, and moisture-wicking, ventilated shoulder straps. It also has a hook-up D-ring your dog in safely and securely


Package Included: 

  • 1 x Backpack

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