Puppy Fleece Sleeping Bag

  • £28.49
  • Save £11

The Puppy fleece sleeping bag is by far the cutest and most convenient dog beds that you will find on the market today! It is designed to resemble a sleeping bag/cave for your pooch to snuggle up in and keep warm.

There is a flexible wire in which you can bend to your preference for the roof/cover of the sleeping bag. We have designed this to be the ultimate snuggle cave for small/baby pups.


  • Hand washable - we recommend to wash these sleeping bags/huts by hand in order to keep the shape and not disfigure the dog bed
  • Ideal - great for small dogs and puppies/new-borns 
  • Breathable - by using a soft fleece and polyester mix, these beds are completely breathable, which makes them ideal for all-year-round

Puppy sleeping bag is available in four different sizes:

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