Pupreme Reflective Dog Windbreaker

  • £33.00
  • Save £24

The Pupreme RTX Reflective Dog Windbreaker is the all-round, all-in-one, dog coat! It has been constructed with a premium reflective material so that in daylight, it looks like a well-fitted dog coat but by night, it lights up like Blackpool illuminations!


These are designed for them cold, wet, early mornings and evenings, ensuring your pup is dry, warm and visible to everyone! This designer jacket is equipped with the latest wind-breaking technology and combined with a 6-point metal toggle system, which makes it guaranteed to fit any breed of dog, regardless of size! 


  • Reflective material - ensuring your pooch is visible regardless of the conditions
  • Wind Breaking technology - regardless of the cold breeze, your pup will be nice and snug!
  • 6-Point metal toggle system - located around the jacket to make it fully adjustable to your preference 
  • Leash hole - yes, they can wear it over a harness!
  • Velcro closure - quick and easy to put on before walkies


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