3 in 1 Led Light Therapy Face Mask

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Are you sick and tired of those wrinkles and can't wait to look young again?

Now you can, with our Led Anti-Aging Therapy Mask you can see results in as soon as 1 week, which is faster than most treatments around, and above that, you won't have to dump your whole savings account to look young.


  • 3-in-1 LED mask, just use for 15-20 mins before sleep.
  • LED photon therapy, comfortable warm light treatment.
  • The mask is healthy to skin, the frame structure allows you wear it stably and comfortably.
  • Better results if you use with face care liquid, lotion or cream,
  • Speed collagen renewal to make skin whiter, tender.
  • Shrink pores, improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity.
  • Dilute freckle, redness, remove acne, inhabit bacterial.
  • Promote blood circulation, lock in moisture.
  • Ideal beauty tool at home, in the office, on travel etc. 


  • Red Light: 620~750nm.increase skin elasticity and improve metabolism.
  • Blue Light: 470~495nm.inhibits oil secretion, prevents acne and diminishes scars.
  • Yellow Light: 590~620nm.Repairs dull skin and delicate skin. 

How to Use:

1.Clean your face.
2.Apply a mask.
3.Wear the LED mask, and choose the colour you want.


Every day use, 15mins/time. Recommend use with mask/essence.

Package Include:

1 x LED Mask

1 x USB

1 x Manual

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