Contact Lens Cleaning Machine

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Contact Lens Cleaning Machine

Protect your eyes anytime, anywhere!

Your cornea is undergoing invisible damage 

  • Red eyes , dry eyes , eye infection 
Corneal hypoxia , bacterial invasion 
  • Traditional care solution cleaning 
Incomplete cleaning , residual bacteria 
  • Physical rubbing
Causes contact lens damage / deformation

56000 ultrasonic vibrations for efficient cleaning

High-frequency vibration separates the air and water in the liquid to form 50-500um bubbles , which expand and burst under the action of sound pressure, reaching an instantaneous impact force of 1000 atmospheres, realizing all-round no blind spot cleaning, use with glasses care liquid , can emulsify and peel off protein , lipid and dust , and effectively eliminate bacteria and inhibit bacteria.


One click cleaning
You can enjoy professional cleaning service anytime and anywhere ,one click start 2 minutes Fresh ultrasonic
cleaning , restore contactless clean , transparent essence , let your eyes no longer feel foreign body.

Internal and external seal design
Washable all over
The whole machine is integrated , fully sealed and non porous design, IPX7 waterproof and dustproof , easy to
wash ; built in independent nursing fluid sealed cabin , always care for contact lenses.

Small size
Lightweight and portable , sealed nursing liquid cabin design , built-in beauty mirror , wearing tools ; integrated design , easy to carry


  1. Open the lid and add the care solution (The height is up to the scale mark).
  2. Use tweezers to take the lens and put it in the cleaning compartment . The slot design is convenient to distinguish the left and right eye glasses.
  3. One-button switch , touch the switch to turn on the machine . The switch lights up ( white light ) , and it will be cleaned automatically in 2 minutes . The cleaning is finished when the red light is on.
  4. Use tweezers to take out the lens . rinse it with the care solution before wearing it or soak it in a clean care solution for storage.

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