Dog Groom Microfibre Towelling Drying Coat Bathrobe

  • £23.99
  • Save £9

Got a wet pup who doesn't like being rubbed dry? No problem! Pop your dog in an absorbent bath robe for a while to start the drying process while they feel super comfortable.

Your fur buddy will love snuggling into this Ultra Absorbent Doggo Robe after a swim in the pool, a bath at home or a trip to the beach

  • Convenient Velcro Design, take it on and off in seconds
  • Super Absorbent
  • No more drips on the floor!
  • Wind Breaker Hood

We all know what an inconvenience a wet dog can be!

After a bath, one good drenching shake means wet slippery floors and unwanted mess

Coming back from the beach, a wet dog means that smell in the car and damp seats

With our Ultra Absorbent Doggo Robe, you can bundle your buddy up in seconds and avoid a drenching shake off and water mess everywhere


Directions: Simply fasten and adjust the Velcro straps, rub off excess water and leave on to absorb the remaining moisture

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