Fingerprint Bicycle Lock

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Your finger is your key, and only takes 1 second to unlock.

Smart Fingerprint Lock is equipped with advanced fingerprint technology with automatic recognition, safety, and convenience. NO MORE KEYS Avoid the mess of finding your keys in your bag or pockets

Fingerprint unlocking is combined with key unlocking.

High security and drill resistant lock cylinder.
One Lock can lock more than one bike.
Easily fixed to the Handlebar, Seat Post and so on.
Easy to use, easy to carry.
Complete configuration, perfect match, a multi-use lock.
Fingerprint Entry:
1. Initially, press any fingerprint to enter the fingerprint recognition port. the green LED flashes meanwhile you hear two sounds, it will unlock
2. Within 5 seconds after unlocking, when the green LED is shining, put the fingerprint that you want to enter pressed the
fingerprint recognition port for 4 seconds, you will hear a sound, that means enter the input mode.
3. After the finger leaves, press 8 times continuously, and you will hear a sound every time.
The last time there will be two sounds, then the finger will leave. After 10 seconds, the LED will go out and the recording will be completed.

Package Includes:
1 x Bicycle fingerprint lock
2 x key
1 x USB charging cable
1 x instruction manual

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