Floating Levitating Plant Pot

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Our Levitating Plant Pot is the latest in high-tech gadgets for your home or office!

Levitating Planter™ (USPS Shipping Available) – Grabby Loots™

Featuring a stylish wooden base, it sparks a strong magnetic field which enables the plant pot to levitate and spin in place. Now your plants can get 360° light while you bask in its futuristic ambience.

The base has a special magnet that propels and suspends the plant pot mid-air making it float above the base as it spins continuously.

You can also use other items instead of a plant, such as candles, potpourri, essential oils and other decorative items.


Magnetic Field - A strong magnetic field suspends the pot in mid-air and makes it spin. All your guests will be in awe of this latest leap in homeware design.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety - Create a futuristic ambience that inspires the imagination to reduce anxiety and stress. You can put whatever you like in the pot, not just plants.

Two Designs - Choose from 2 base colours to suit your existing décor. Pick the design that best fits your needs.

Perfect Gift: For home or office décor, the levitating plant pot is an awesome high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy.


    1. Turn on and put the base on a flat surface. Two hands hold the plant aiming at the centre of the base. Slowly put the plant down towards the base.

    2. When feel magnetic force pull or push the plant adjust the position properly to the centre of the base. Keep the plant stable for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly lose hands until the plant stays by itself.


    • Material: ABS
    • Base size: 134mm x 134mm x 28mm
    • Pot size: 90mm x 50mm (plant not included)
    • Floating weight capacity: 0-300g / 0 – 10.6 ounces
    • Power source: AC Adapter DC Output 12V
    • Levitation gap: 15-20mm


    • 1 x Magnetic Wooden Base
    • 1 x Levitating Pot (Plant NOT INCLUDED)
    • 1x  Adapter

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