Floating Water Hammock

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Fed up with regular floaties? The Swimming Pool Water Hammock carries you on the water effortlessly so you can just lay back in comfort in the pool.

Multiple Ways To Lounge

Chill or have fun in the pool while sitting or laying on it in various ways: as a hammock, exercise saddle, floating lounge chair, or as a drifter.


...Or Use It As A Beach Mat!

Not only can you use it on water, but it also doubles as a mat so you can relax by the lake or ocean shore. 

Portable and Non-Bulky

The water lounger is lightweight, easy to inflate and fold away out of the water.

Why Use This Water Hammock

✔️ Mesh Material. lay on a breathable nylon mesh that follows the contour of your body while you are afloat on water, making it perfect for those with back pain or injuries. 

Best Swimming Pool Water Hammock

✔️ Durable PVC. created to endure a load of up to 200kg, is non-toxic, and can endure a specific limit of air pressure. 

Best Swimming Pool Water Hammock

✔️ Locking System. easily inflates and deflates that saves you the time and frustration.

Best Swimming Pool Water Hammock

✔️ Comfortable. it gives you the same relaxing experience as you would with a regular hammock. 


  • Material: PVC; nylon mesh
  • Size: 120 cm x 80 cm
  • PVC Thickness: 0.25mm

Your Order Includes

  • 1 x Swimming Pool Water Hammock

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