LED Face Mask - 7 Colour LED Light Therapy Mask

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The Ultimate Solution To All Your Skin Problems!

Suffering from acne, wrinkles, pigmentation or any kind of skin problem? No Worries our LED Face Mask has your back! No need for expensive light therapyExperience all the benefits LED light therapy has to offer, right in the comfort of your home!

Fits for all types of skins & Treat it at the home, office, work, or basically anywhere with the LED Light Face Mask. It can be connected to USB Adapters, Smartphones, or power bank!
led light therapy mask


  • Red (650nm)- Great for blood circulation and stimulate your cells to produce collagen. Collagen will aid in repairing damaged tissue to create a firm and smooth complexion.
  • Blue (463nm)- Calms sensitive skin.
  • Green (527nm)- Improves pigmentation, anti-aging, reduce fine lines, and cure wounds.
  • Yellow (590nm)- Improve the exchange of oxygen to the skin, promote lymphatic drainage, smooth's skin, and reduces redness.
  • Purple (600nm)- Combination of Red and Blue Light. relaxing improves lymph metabolism can reduce scarring.
  • Light Blue (510nm)- Soothing, can help with allergies, enhances cell energy.
  • NEW White (400-700nm)- Accelerate active tissue metabolism, reduce fine lines and sagging skin.


  • Time & Money Saver - Forget throwing money away every few weeks on expensive salon trips or spa sessions; our LED face mask does the same exact job for a fraction of the price! Plus, it only needs about 30 minutes of daily use for massive results.
  • Super Easy To Use - Skincare products don't have to be confusing to use anymore! With our light therapy acne mask, it's as simple as choosing the LED light colour(s) that best suit your needs and using it for the recommended 15-30 minutes a day.
  • Perfect For All Skin Types - Unlike traditional skincare accessories, our LED light mask is perfect for all skin types! It doesn't matter whether your skin is sensitive or has pimples; our light therapy mask will help make it smooth as silk.
 Package Includes:
  • 1 x Facial Neck Mask
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x User English Manual

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