Pirate Barrel Game

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Ahoy! Pop Up Pirate is the classic 80’s children’s action game! Take turns to slide the coloured swords of your preference into the barrel but BEWARE! One wrong move will send Pirate Pete up in the sky. Who will be the last pirate standing?

Likiq Mini Novelty Bajak Laut Ember Beruntung Stab Pop Up Permainan klasik  Lucu Novelty Toy Intelektual Permainan Pesta untuk dewasa keluarga anak  anak|pirate bucket|novelty toysfunny novelty - AliExpress

Pirate Pete will fly on a different sword hole every time, providing with endless hours of entertainment for children! This children’s action game is an ideal gift to encourage decision- making and communication skills as there’s a competitive side to this game that allows for commenting on their plays with friends and family.

Pop Up Pirate is very easy to assemble. Decorate the barrel with the stickers included in the box and you’re good to go! If the pirate pops up, ye be out! Pop-Up Pirate is loaded with fun! Twist the pirate into the barrel and take turns sliding your swords into the slots.


  • Suitable for children aged 4 years+
  • Includes 1x Barrel, 1x Barrel base, 1x Pirate & 24x Swords
  • Ideal for 2 to 4 players
  • No batteries required

Package Includes:


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