Plant Grow Bags

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Do you like home-self planting? Have you ever been worried that there is no suitable place to grow vegetables? Now the Potato Grow Bag can solve all your problems and bring you more unexpected planting experience!


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  • Easy to plant, grow and harvest your vegetables;
  • Choose freely for  indoor and outdoor planting;
  • Corrosion-resistant, self-absorbent, breathable, durable, degradable, water-saving and drought-resistant;
  • Suitable for seeding, planting, pollution-free; 
  • Ideal for patios or small gardens, like the balcony, sunroom, and outdoor spaces; can be used for potato, taro, radish, and other vegetables;
  • Convenience for being folded and stored during idle.
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How to use (For example potato)
  • Half fill bag with soil or compost.
  • Plant 4 to 6 seed potato plants 4 inches deep.
  • Cover with more soil, water, and observe.
  • Harvest the potatoes from access flap, take the big potatoes, and keep the small potatoes to grow up in the soil.

Package Includes: 1 x Potato Grow Bag

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