Portable Dog Water Bottle

  • £22.99
  • Save £7

Keep Your Pet Hydrated on the Go!

This Pet Water Bottle is the PERFECT bottle for your Pet when traveling in the outdoors!
There are many pet bottles available in the market but nothing beats the CONVENIENCE and the LAYOUT of this one!


  • Just One Press: With just ONE PRESS, it dispenses the PERFECT amount of water into the bottle's mouth for your Pet to CONVENIENTLY drink from it. Also AVOIDS any mess too!


  • Leak-proof: Easy to store in your purse, bag or car, as in this bottle the water WILL NOT LEAK
  • Locking Feature: Contains a button which when pressed, LOCKS the water dispensing feature, which means water won't flow out even if you press the water dispensing button
  • Exquisite & Practical Layout: The Layout of the bottle is designed keeping in mind the most convenient way for pets to CONVENIENTLY get the right amount of water

  • Portable: It's PERFECT size makes it very easy to be carried around
  • Durable: Made from a high-quality ANTI-BREAKABLE plastic that makes this bottle DURABLE; can be used for over a long period of time.
  • Eco-friendly: This bottle is ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY and is not made from any harmful substances, it is SAFE to be used by your pet



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