Remote Control Excavator | R.C Power Construction Excavator

  • £46.95
  • Save £43

The NEW REMOTE CONTROL EXCAVATOR can really dig in any direction with its powerful motors and heavy rubber track tires! Able to dig, transport dirt, sand or pebbles from one place to another or maybe onto a dump truck!

What are you waiting to Play with your kid, Find new roads & Build as a professional?! Create kids' very own construction site and have plenty of fun!!

-DISCOVER & PLAY!- Have fun outside and explore new adventures!
-DETAILED & REALISTIC- Never seen such a small huge excavator replica!
-STRONG ARM & SHOVEL-Powerful motor provides enough power to dig the gravel and sand!
-PORTABLE TOY- Take the RC Excavator everywhere & enjoy it always!
-A COLLECTION PIECE! - Beautiful design, unique excavator model online!

HURRY UP & Enjoy the most realistic NEVER SEEN excavator replica construction tractor! The Remote Control Excavator Moves forward & backwards; Turns right & left and Rotates its turntable!

Limited-Time Only! Get Your Remote Control Excavator Today!

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