Resistance Tube for Yoga

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Enjoy working out anywhere with this handy Infinity Resistance Bands that is perfect for leg, shoulder and abs workout both for men and women. 

Heavy resistance. Allows you to tone and sculpt every muscle group. Both for men and women.
It will not recoil and twinge your chest hair as it may sometimes happen with the metal springs.
Rubber bands are easily added or removed by snapping on or snapping off action.


The 8 Rally is designed for most parts of the body. It mainly includes the medial and lateral muscles of the arm, the muscles of the arm, the medial and lateral muscles of the leg, the wrist, the abs and the deltoid. The body can be used in an upright position to rest the palm, arm and elbow on the fixture. The elbow and the shoulder are level or slightly at the bottom. Slowly lean forward, tilt slightly to the left, and raise your head.


  • High quality rubber material, elastic and not easy to overstretch Ergonomic sponge handle, anti-skid, sweat-absorbent and comfortable to grip
  • Great for home-based strength training Lightweight and portable, easy to carry to realize your exercise dream

Package Content:

1pcs Resistance Tube for Yoga

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