Silicone Toilet Brush Soft Bristle Wall-Mounted Holder

  • £34.99
  • Save £25

Silicone toilet brushes are made of high-quality ABS and silicone brush head that scrubs and removes stains on the surface smoothly with little to no scratches.

The stainless steel handle and the premium silicone toilet brush head are durable, sturdy and less likely to wear and tear. The anti-adhesive coating ensures that no dirt can attach to the bristles

The toilet brush head is water-repellent and it dries out fast after cleaning the toilet so no mold and dirt are left on the brush holder.

With just a shake, all water is removed so the brush holder is kept clean and dry

The handle is ergonomically designed to support you while you clean without tiring you out and pressuring your wrist

The comfortable, non-slip handle design, pack with stable and breathable mounting base, help cleaning more comfortable and quicker


1. TPR material, on-stick hair, easy to clean

2. With hide the dice, for bathroom hair cleaning, floor drain hair

3. Suspended drain Ventilation volatile, say goodbye to odor


Color: White

Size: Wall-mounted 10x43cm / Floor-standing 15x40cm

Weight: Wall-mounted 0.4kg / Floor-standing 0.45kg

Material: TPR + Stainless steel

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