Sterilization Knife Holder

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Sterilization Knife Holder

Three-dimensional ozone disinfection: strict standards for non-toxic ozone, easy sterilization by three-dimensional ozone 

Rest assured material: food grade 430 stainless steel/ABS/PE plastic 

Only 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity in 1 year: Intelligent automatic power-off, automatic intelligent power-off after 30 minutes of ozone disinfection, stop disinfection

Suitable for a variety of knife types: straight knife holders to meet different kitchen knives 

Removable design: easier to clean, the chopstick holder is detachable to keep the inside clean as new 


Net weight:640g


Colour: black

Material: stainless steel + ABS +PE

Package Included:

1*Disinfection knife holder

1*Type-C charging cable

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