Swim Training Resistance Belts

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Swim Training Resistance Belts  

Now you can improve your swimming without the hassle of travelling to the local pool.

Portable stationary and resistance swimming system for fun and effective fitness swimming exercise at home or on the road. Swimming is recognized as the most complete form of exercise and this amazing product will turn any pool into a low-impact workout pool in less than three minutes.

No tools are required and no changes to your home pool or yard. Designed to adapt to in-ground and above-ground pools, outdoor and indoor pools, offers a natural and very effective stationary and resistance swimming experience. It is the perfect aquatic fitness tool for swimmers of all ages and proficiency levels.


  • Works in any size pool
  • Ideal for sports training, fitness or physical therapy in the pool
  • Helps improve stroke technique and increase overall endurance
  • Swim stationary cord designed for resistance and full body workout

Package Includes:

1 X Elastic Rope 
1 X Swimming Belt 
1 X Strap 
1 X Mesh Bag 

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