Waterproof Dog Shoes

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Fed up of wiping your dogs paws after a rainy day? Fear no more, these dog shoes will keep your dogs paws dry!

These Waterproof Dog Shoes are a must have for all dog owners! Their soft and comfortable material makes them super easy to wear, whilst protecting the paw of your pet from dirt and water.


Easy to carry & store. Keep your pet safe from glass and other injuries You won’t regret it.


  • Flexible and durable material so that your pups paws aren't at risk of feeling trapped but still protect them on their walkies
  • No one likes wet feet and neither does your pooch!
  • Simple fastening with just a Velcro strap across the top of the boot
  • Clean and wash it with ease
  • Safe and durable products for your pet

Size Length of sole  Width of sole Height Ankle Diameter
S 4.2cm 3.3cm 5cm 8.5cm
M 4.9cm  4cm 6cm 10cm
L 5.8cm 4.5cm 6.6cm 12cm


Package Includes:

4x Pet Dog Waterproof Boots (1 Set)


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