Waterproof Double Layer Cat Litter Mat

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Tired of litter mess? Do you find yourself constantly looking after your cat's scatter litter? When it comes to potty time for cats, it is not a surprise for cat parents to feel tiny bits of litter sand between your toes whenever you're barefoot. 

Fortunately, we have the solution to tracking the litter problem! We bring you the Double Layer Cat Litter Mat! It is designed with a double layer to keep any mess whether urine or litter! 

It effectively covers the entry area to save you time from sweeping all those scattered litters! It is the most convenient litter mat you will ever encounter! 


  • Waterproof - With the double layer design, you don't have to worry about your precious hardwood floor from urine stains. It has a waterproof cloth that will keep the liquid. It also has an anti-skid design so it remains in place.
  • Easy Maintenance - Our litter mat has a unique double-layer design that will keep the litter inside it as well as for easy cleaning. It creates a large pocket with an opening to pour out the litter. When your cat exits the litter box, he usually brings with him litter on his paws, with his mat, it will trap the litters & can be re-used again!
  • Save Time, Less Sweeping - As a cat parent, you surely have spent a long of time sweeping after your cat's litters! Reduce the time you spend vacuuming and sweeping by up to 5X.  Our mat constantly collects scattered cat litter and the mat's soft bumps design prevents litter tracking.
  • Honey Comb Shape Holes - This litter gathering mat helps you trap the scattered litter every time. It has a honeycomb shape holes that will let the litter slide through the holes unlike square-shaped holes they will stay above the mat which if accidentally pushed or kicked will be scattered on the floor!  

Package Includes: 1 x Cat Mat

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