Zen™ Massage Mat Bundle Set

  • £68.99
  • Save £61

Do you suffer from back & neck pain? Are your muscles constantly sore, stiff and aching? The Zen Mat provides deep tissue massage within 20 mins! 
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation and revitalize your body
  • Portable and lightweight

  • Affordable and eliminates the need for expensive massage therapists or chiropractic treatments.

  • Relieves not only back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain, but also relieves headaches and migraines.

  • Additional benefits include improved sleep and mood, and increased energy levels.

  • Increase energy level,
  • Improve blood circulation,
  • Decrease stress
  • Relieve neck and back pain
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Alleviate headaches and even
  • Improve sleep

Elite Acupressure Mat – Elite Life Store

How does it work?
  1. Lie down to activate thousands of acupressure points to deeply massage your tissues. Instantly relieve tension, knots, spasms in muscles.
  2. The Zen Mat provides unbeatable relief in just 20 mins use! Massage to your home, no need to leave your house! 
  3. Inflammation often is a common factor for back pain. With regular use of the Zen Mat, the inflammatory process is diminished to help alleviate chronic back pain!
  4. Improve your blood circulation with Zen. Use it anywhere on your body to feel the acupressure points target problem areas, leaving you completely relaxed!



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